Monolith is aiming to create 100 new jobs after developing a new building product in the wake of recent construction industry tragedies.

Stephen Waring, our owner, has spearheaded the development and we are fine tuning the pioneering prototype ahead of the official launch in the Autumn.

The product – known as BrickPlus: Pro – is a panel of 12 brick slips held together by an integrated mesh, fused into the bricks. When fitted, they provide a non-combustible façade to a building. They fit together like a jigsaw and can reduce labour costs dramatically because they are so quick to apply.

The product can be used in the construction of new buildings or applied to existing properties, replicating almost any brick face to order.

Mr Waring revealed there is already much demand from developers, construction firms and public bodies across the UK and beyond because there is nothing like it on the market. Brick slips with a pre-populated carrier integrated within the brick is a first in the construction industry.

Mr Waring commented: “This new product is timely, and in many ways, was driven by the events which happened in London. That concentrated our mind to look at a product which removes the flammable materials that people have been historically using. There is a real need at the moment to have a brick façade system that actually has the mesh integrated into the brick. Alternatively, bricks could be bonded onto a mesh but this then requires a glue which invariably creates potential fire risks. Nevertheless, we have been able to incorporate the mesh within the brick slip, eliminating the need for any glue. It’s something we’ve been able to achieve because of our ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

“Because of the understandable fears and the perceptions about safety following recent events, the availability of this new product will reinforce peace of mind that developers, specifiers and of the course the public are looking for. We are already seeing much interest because many construction projects have been paused until proper solutions have been found.

Nevertheless, from our point of view, it is vitally important we go through our own due diligence processes so it will be a couple of months before we’re ready to launch the new product. Once we have ‘dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s’, we’ll be able to ramp up production quickly and if things go as we anticipate, we hope to be creating 100 new jobs during the next 24 months.

“We are flexible enough in the size of our business to adapt very quickly. Other organisations have such a massive infrastructure, rapid change based on market factors is almost impossible.

“The one thing that remains is the demand for housing, and that demand to create new housing isn’t going away. It’s getting bigger all the time. Safer and innovative time saving products are the real solutions we need to meet the demand in the housing market.

“One of the things that has driven Monolith is the fact that we’re able to produce a rapid fit system of populating bricks, or facades, on buildings. For example, using our traditional system, it reduced the construction time on a student accommodation block in Derby by 18 weeks. Cost savings were enormous. Our new product will give the same time savings and at the same time contribute to a non-combustible façade. Additionally, the beauty of this product is that we can replicate any kind of brick or stone depending on what the client is looking for whilst at the same time providing complete peace of mind.

“We are also using glass technology to create another non-combustible brick or stone faced product which is not only weatherproof but has insulation and acoustic benefits, as well as being incredibly lightweight.”