All Farthing lane, Wandsworth

All Farthing Road, created with Monolith products

Project Description

‘Transformation’ is one of our core values at Monolith, and the work completed on the All Farthing Lane project really highlights how effective transformation can be.

Two council houses had been built in the space left when a Victorian terrace in Wandsworth was bombed during World War Two.

One council house was purchased by London Heritage Properties with plans to convert it into luxury apartments.

Planning was approved on the condition that the exterior would be developed to match the style of the Victorian terraces elsewhere in the road, keeping the original look and feel of the street.

The first part of the project meant splitting the existing council house properties and reattaching one to the adjoining Victorian house.

London Heritage Properties then approached Monolith to supply the full exterior finish. We carried out a site survey to establish the requirements for the brickwork and stone that needed matching.

Installation was carried out over a 2-3 week period. Both the developer and the local authority were delighted with the results and were able to subsequently market the apartments as Victorian town house conversions.

The result was a significant return for the developer and an improved appearence on the street.

Following the success on All Farthing Lane, Monolith and London Heritage Properties continue to work together on several other projects and have longer terms plans in place for future collaborations.

Project Details

Client / Developer / Contractor:
London Heritage Properties

Monolith Product(s):
BrickPlus: Eco

Existing brickwork

Completed in 2012