West Cottages, North London

Project Description

Monolith was approached by CFBD to create a matching brick facade to be in keeping with the local area whilst being suitable for an ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) constructed building.

BrickPlus: Eco and StonePlus were utilised as lightweight, cost effective, alternatives to traditional materials whilst keeping the building envelope tight and not adding unnecessary elements such as a cavity as BrickPlus: Eco and StonePlus can be directly applied onto ICF using an adhesive.

The rapid-fit nature of our products meant that the project was also completed in record time, once the structure was concrete poured and set the BrickPlus: Eco panels could begin to be installed just using our accredited ‘Maite’ adhesive to ensure a solid bond was made to the substrate.

We have since completed numerous other successful projects with CFBD. 

Project Details

Clinton Foakes Building & Design

Monolith Product(s):
BrickPlus: Eco

ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork)

Completed in 2016