When looking at new technologies and projects alike most developers and self-builders assume that if you’re building with ‘new’ methods such as ICF, SIPS, Timber Frame & Steel Frame that you can’t achieve a traditional facade, and understandably so! Most buildings showcased today aren’t inherently traditional, most are rendered and timber clad – but a traditional effect finish is still possible whilst maintaining an efficient envelope on the building, case and point we recently completed a project with a developer in Manchester who was set on building his latest project in ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) but due to planning conditions needed to ensure that it resembled the local properties so to not look out of place. ICF is a fast track construction method which is an alternative to traditional construction methods, the system used on this project was Warmerwall from Polysteel. From Polysteel Warmerwall’s website:
The WARMERWALL blocks made of a building grade flame retardant type of expanded polystyrene are quick and easy to construct, fitting together with a simple tongue and groove design.
Monolith was in conversation with the developer, architect and planning committee to ensure the products that we were manufacturing suited the local aesthetic. Once we created a brick match and stone colour sample it was then sent to the developer to present to the planning committee, these were approved and ordered by the client. We then went into fully production and provided our BrickPlus: Eco panels and StonePlus profiles to the developer who used a registered Monolith installer to correctly and efficiently apply the product.

What is BrickPlus: Eco and StonePlus?

BrickPlus: Eco is our innovative insulated brick cladding system, which replaces traditional ‘block & brick’ when used with either ICF, timber frame, steel frame or solid wall construction. It consists of 12 of our high quality brick slips which are bonded to lightweight, fire retardant, high grade EPS panels. This forms a system of interlocking panels that can dramatically increase the speed that a brick slip wall can be covered. StonePlus is a true alternative to traditional stone, designed to revolutionise the building industry. Available in a wide variety of authentic and traditional stone colours, StonePlus is the natural finish for any building. The main feature of StonePlus is that it is extremely lightweight. Whilst it has the same look and feel as stone, we have created a product that is around 75% lighter, but equally as strong and weather resistant.
Our products are rapidly applied to ICF amongst other building systems, below is an installation video to show how easily applied and intuitive our products really are! Want to chat further about using Monolith products on your next project? Contact Us.