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Innovation Park, Watford



BrickPlus is over x12 faster than traditional brick laying methods.



BrickPlus is rigorously tested to ensure suitability for site.


BrickPlus is manufactured from scratch in the United Kingdom.

Project Description

BrickPlus: Eco panels are featured on Project Etopia’s full-scale showcase home at the Building Research Establishment Innovation Park in Watford, a world-leading demonstration network of innovative and sustainable building technologies, renowned as an environment for research, training and independent testing.

Project Etopia, the eco-friendly developer is pioneering the offsite construction industry in efficiency, speed of delivery, sustainability and affordability with this modular home. Monolith product was selected to be utilised on this landmark demonstration following our supplying their pilot scheme, Etopia Corby, with our BrickPlus: Eco panels.

BrickPlus: Eco: Our insulated brick cladding system has exceptional durability,  high compressive strength, and does not deteriorate with age. With our bespoke brick matching facility, we specifically matched the classic ‘Mapleton Multi’ brick in colour and texture for this project, complementing the structure’s modernity with a traditional finish.

Rapid-fit: Our product is twelve times faster to install than traditional methods, making it the obvious choice for Project Etopia’s development, which saw the entire ground floor built in just two hours.

Efficiency: The excellent thermal resistance and insulation properties of the EPS panels to which our brick slips are adhered greatly increase energy efficiency and savings; a major element of a Project Etopia eco-home is significantly lower outgoing costs for their consumers.

Sustainability: BrickPlus: Eco is better for the environment – it is considerably lighter, therefore saving on transport emissions, requires much less raw material to produce compared to traditional bricks, and our EPS panels are recyclable.

Weather-resilient: Project Etopia’s greener homes are purpose-built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, as is BrickPlus: Eco – designed with a protective high-performance weather seal.


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