The Avenue

Priors Hall Park, Corby



BrickPlus is over x12 faster than traditional brick laying methods.



BrickPlus is rigorously tested to ensure suitability for site.


BrickPlus is manufactured from scratch in the United Kingdom.

Project Description

Project Etopia, Corby is an ambitious 47 eco-home project in Priors Hall Park consisting of 31 houses and 16 apartments built using a panelised building system which allows the developer to manufacture all the wall panels within a factory environment and deliver them to site for subsequent assembly.

All the homes being built are fully equipped to produce their own energy, as well as having a energy bank to store heat energy whilst batteries store electricity, meaning that future occupiers will have little to no electricity bills!

From the Project Etopia brochure:

“Project Etopia provides a unique and pioneering approach to the construction of homes and educational build systems globally.


By developing and integrating the newest technologies our builds are faster, more durable, more energy efficient and more environmentally aware than ever before.


Our goal is to increase the volume, affordability and quality of homes on the market, making living in

luxury a reality for all.

Monolith provided the contractors with our BrickPlus: Pro and BrickPlus: Eco exterior brick slip products for the development, which even at first glance, greatly enhances the exterior elevations.


Project Etopia UK Limited

Monolith Products Utilised

BrickPlus: Eco

BrickPlus: Pro


4wall (HyperSIP Panel)