Willow Vale

Shepherds Bush



BrickPlus is over x12 faster than traditional brick laying methods.



BrickPlus is rigorously tested to ensure suitability for site.


BrickPlus is manufactured from scratch in the United Kingdom.

Project Description

Willow Vale is a stunning new development by specialist contractor, Greenleaf Projects (UK) Ltd, whose aim is to create high-quality, sustainable, spacious homes and workplaces.

The contractor discussed their specification with Monolith and informed us that they would be using a SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel System) substrate to ensure that the properties are as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible.

In using Monolith products, Greenleaf Projects were able to create a high-quality eco development with a bright, spacious appearance that still suits the more traditional area of London in which it is situated.

This unique project in Shepherd’s Bush consists of four sustainable apartments and features both BrickPlus and StonePlus products, with the contractor requesting bespoke designs that create an individualistic feel to the project.

Following success with this project, Monolith and Greenleaf Projects continue to work in partnership on other key properties.


Greenleaf Projects (UK)

Monolith Products Utilised

BrickPlus: Pro



SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel System)